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What We Do


Our Advocacy Workers can:

  • Explain the court process and what to expect at each hearing
  • Share your views with the Procurator Fiscal's Service, on things like bail conditions and a non-harassment order
  • Update you after each court hearing with the outcome
  • Help to ask for special measures at court e.g. a video-link, if you want to give your evidence at trial this way
  • Discuss your risk and explore ways with you to improve your safety
  • Support you and your family to be safe and well by linking in with other agencies on your behalf, to address any needs e.g. Women's Aid, housing or social work

The support from our Children and Young Person Advocacy Workers (CYPAW's) is tailored to the age and stage of the child or young person.  This includes any additional support needs they may have. 

Our CYPAW's can:

  • Talk to you about what your child can expect at court and what we can do to help
  • Meet with them face to face, at school or another suitable office building
  • Speak to them about their safety and look at things that can be put in place to help with this
  • Speak with other agencies your child is involved with, to let them know about the impact of domestic abuse on their lives
  • Meet with them before court to talk about any worries they may have and explain what will happen
  • Speak to the court about safety / support measures that can be put in place, if this is needed
  • Support them at court if they need to give evidence 
  • Offer support after court to talk about moving forward and arranging any follow-on support that is needed
  • Our aim is to make sure that your child or young person's voice is heard and that they are supported through the process

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